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Anyone who knows me knows that I simply cannot have enough beauty products. I could live in Sephora or Ulta and my tiny bathroom is absolutely overflowing with serums, sprays, and palettes. This translates into a service opportunity anytime someone asks about my lip color or skincare routine—I break it down, product by product, and while I have incredible loyalty to certain brands, I'm definitely open to try just about any product once.
Here are a few of my favorite things—everything from my all-in-one cleanser to the topcoat that's absolutely saved my life.

This stuff. I was minding my own business in an Ulta one day and the Philosophy rep cornered me. We talked about my skincare habits and she thought this would be a great twice-a-day product for me. Low maintenance and it takes all your makeup off in one step. Can't get enough. It's also super-duper gentle and can easily be built into your existing skincare regimen.

THIS. MASCARA. It's everything. I had no idea how necessary it is to grow up and just buy nice mascara already. This came in a Birchbox about a year ago and after using it for a few days I sped on over to Sephora to get a full-size tube. There are two parts to the brush—the horizontal, long part is for volume and length, and the little spiky tip on the end is designed to curl and separate the lashes. I use it with other mascaras or just by itself, depending on the occasion. Best lash decision of my life.

Full disclosure: getting gel manicures ruined my nails. I used to have fantastic nail beds and pretty much no ridges. Now, my nails are thin and pretty ridgy. What's a girl to do? Aside from staying away from the salon for a while, I'm using this treatment base coat from Essie. It goes on just like any other base coat, but fills in the ridges and gives nails the vitamins they need to recover.

I've been using this eyeliner since freshman year of high school and absolutely refuse to entertain any other eyeliners. This is the easiest way to get a straight line and not have to wait for it to dry. It goes on like a crayon, but you can sharpen the tip (with the built-in sharpener) to make it as thin or thick as you require. It builds on itself to create a deeper pigment each time, and comes in so many gorgeous colors (I usually stick with the ebony black!).

I got turned on to the Naked Palettes about two years ago, and definitely find myself using the same four shadows over and over again. I will probably continue to buy the full palettes (My favorite is Naked2) as I expand my preferences, but for now, this basics palette gets the job done! There are six fabulous shades, all nudes, and they range from a white highlighter shade to a dark brown-black. Perfect for creating any look, day or night (it works as a great base for crazier colors as well), this guy stays in my bag at all times. It helps to have owned a Naked palette in the past because of that great double-ended brush they include, but using soft-bristled brushes will be a great alternative.

Burt's Bees will always be a must-have for me. I can't get enough of the sweet scent of the hydrating balm—it's coconut and pear. I use this all day long and it's a great base for any lip color. I never quite get to the end of a tube of lip balm before I replace and/or lose it, but this one's practically attached to my body and I use it until the bitter end.

I'm CRAZY about moisturizing. I can't go 30 seconds after showers without completely covering my body in a moisturizer. I usually stick with one brand for a while once I find that it gives me the hydration I need, and this has been my favorite so far. It's thick, but soaks into the skin after a second. The shea butter gives it a pleasant smell, but it's pretty mild. It's a great deal, too!

The name says it all—all the inconsistent pigmentation and small lines are blurred for a flawless complexion. I apply this with a foundation brush or my BeautyBlender and if my skin is looking a bit too oily I'll top it off with a loose powder. They have so many shades so you're sure to find a match, but if it's a bit too pigmented some days you can always mix it with your moisturizer.

Freeman face masks are heaven that you can buy in drugstores. I probably have like 8 different varieties—mud masks to sea minerals to this AMAZING peel-off mask. I like peel-off masks because they feel so cool when they're ready to be taken off. This one works wonders—it brightens the skin and tightens pores and smells like pomegranate. Definitely a must-try!

Pretty much everything OGX makes is out of this world. We all know that keratin is what hair is made of, so anything made with keratin or keratin oil is going to make hair stronger and keep it in tip-top shape. This one smells SO good and the low price makes it easy to keep on hand. Other OGX faves: Sea Minerals, Argan Oil, and Awapuhi Ginger.

Never leave the house without a spritz of this stuff. It comes in Dewy or Matte Finish, so no matter your skin type, you can get the finish you want. It holds all the makeup in and gives you an irreplaceable glow. Seriously, everything NYX is so great and I love the quality.

Another heaven-sent Birchbox item, this spray-on treatment moisturizes and soothes hair. It detangles, protects from heat styling, and adds shine. I apply it after towel-drying my hair every single day, whether I'm blowing my hair out or letting it air dry. The super-fresh scent is an added plus!

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What are your must-have products? Let me know in the comments below!