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My adolescent years were spent trying to wrangle my naturally thick, curly hair into some sort of sleek, super-straight hairstyle. I scorched my strands with high-heat flatirons and fried them with subpar hair dryers. The result of all this torture? Fried hair. Thankfully, I found a stylist toward the end of high school who gave my hair the deep-moisture conditioning treatments it was after, and taught me how to style my hair like never before. Throughout college, I obviously stopped styling my hair every single day and let it recover. Now, I keep my hair healthy and happy with hair oils and creams post-shower. Now, I know putting oil on your hair can seem scary if you've never tried it before. But just hear me out. I use argan oil or coconut milk on a daily basis, and am constantly trying to find the best solutions for my temperamental hair. Here's what I've found.



Argan oil gives your hair vitamin E and antioxidants that make it more supple, strong, and shiny over time. OGX also sells argan oil shampoo, conditioner, and dry oil. Less is definitely more here—a dime- to nickel-sized amount will do the trick. Apply to towel-dried hair before blowing out or airdrying.

If you want to graduate your routine to a more luxe product, OI/OIL is for you. You've heard me talk about OI/All In One Milk before—think of this as a cousin. Protective silicone and antioxidant-rich roucou oil ensure frizz-free styling and long-term results. Apply two to three pumps to towel-dried hair, or use as a spot treatment on dry hair.

This serum is a serious lifesaver. I probably use this the most out of any other hair product. It's formulated with keratin proteins and weightless coconut oil for a non-oily treatment that repairs even the coarsest, most damaged hair. I noticed that my hair was breaking a lot before using this—now it's stronger than ever. The subtle natural coconut scent is a major plus, as well. Use a nickel- to quarter-sized amount on towel-dried hair and work through from root to ends.

Six oils and two extracts make this oil the perfect solution for any hair qualm. It's lightweight, absorbs quickly, protects against heat, and has UVA/UVB filters. Plus, you can use it before or after blow-drying (or if you're going all-natural), and it improves hair immediately and over time. Win-win-win.

For those ladies that want a low-maintenance, super-lightweight spray, try this all-natural one from Earth's Nectar. You don't have to worry about buildup with this lush blend of monoi and coconut oil, and it's preservative-, mineral oil-, silicone-, and cruelty-free.


Happy styling!