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workshop_essentials Happy Friday! We made it. This week's Friday Faves are all about what every boss babe should have packed for a weekend getaway, workshop, or conference. I'm attending the Go Blog Social Workshop in Kansas City this weekend, and I'm so excited. It's my first blogging event, and I know that Des Moines Darling will seriously benefit from it!

So here we go.


laptop // Obviously. You need to be able to do hands-on work and exploration throughout the conference, applying what you learn and taking notes if that's your style.

camera // If you're into styling and photography, you'll probably end up taking a breakout session on the subject, and just like having your laptop, you'll want to be able to learn by doing. (And, think of the perfectly styled venue! All the photos you'll take!)

notebook // I've always been an old-fashioned note-taker.

ipad // For added flexibility with note-taking, or if you don't feel like lugging your laptop around all day, stash your iPad in your bag.

pens // You never know when you'll be asked for one, and that generally seems to be when you don't even have one for yourself. Stock up on the best pens for your handwriting—for me, that's more of a felt-tip or Sharpie pen situation.

refreshing spray // You've heard me sing the praises of refreshing spray over and over again here on DMD. I never leave home without it, so it's obviously making the trip!

lip balm // A necessity. Quite honestly, there's one in each pocket of every coat I own, and probably twelve lip products in my bag. I never don't feel the urge to moisturize.

snacks // Staying energized and avoiding getting hangry at 11 AM is ideal, especially when you are collaborating with brilliant minds and need to put your best foot forward! And, obviously, eat a healthy, filling breakfast before you take off for the day.

water // You know you should be drinking half your weight in ounces (if you weigh 140 pounds, drink 70+ ounces) per day. That's no different when you're traveling! I've been drinking smartwater flavored sparkling water (still no calories or artificial sweeteners) when I'm craving the fizziness of pop.

hand lotion // Especially in the winter months, our skin craves moisture. Your hands are always out in the elements, getting exposed to harsh weather, chemicals, and general dryness. Give them what they need to stay smooth and hydrated.

makeup for touchups // I always keep an extra mascara and some highlighter in my bag so I can stay fresh-faced and looking alive throughout the day.

chargers // DUH. Stay juiced up and don't forget chargers for your phone, camera, iPad, and computer.

phone juice pack/portable charger // A serious life-saver. I have this Mophie case, which charges your phone completely (and makes it so I don't need to worry about carrying a normal charger with me during the day!), but you can also find ADORABLE portable chargers at J Crew, Bando, and most other clothing/desk accessory retailers.

business cards // Make sure you have something tangible to give the people you meet. It's important and helps you stick in their minds. Just like sending thank you cards, you need to get in the habit of carrying business cards. Trust me.

workshop_essentials_3Are any of you going to GBS Workshop this weekend? Let me know!

xo, Morgan