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mascaras Happy Friday, lovelies! We made it to the weekend. I had a request from a fellow Drake alum to talk about my favorite mascaras, and since there are so many, I decided to make this a Friday Faves instead of a Tuesday review!

I've been absolutely obsessed with mascara ever since I started messing around with makeup (middle school—we've come a long way since then!). It's one of the best problems to have—I always have to try the latest and greatest out, whether it's a luxury or drugstore brand. Here are a few that are in my current rotation.

Revlon Lash Potion // Calling this Lash "Potion" was the best thing Revlon could've done—it's seriously magical. I have had a few problems with clumps, but careful application is key. I use this for a night out or on days when my lashes need a little extra lift.

NYX Za Za Zu // NYX's Boudoir Collection is chock-full of great formulas and brushes. Za Za Zu has tiny fibers in it that extend your lashes and fill them out for a voluptuous look each and every time.

Maybelline Lash Discovery // This is a favorite when I'm having trouble getting my bottom lashes to pop. The teensy-tiny brush finds every last one, and even catches the itty-bitty lashes in the inner corner of the eye.

Benefit They're Real! // You guys know I'm absolutely, unconditionally in love with this mascara. I get away with two coats of this mascara and only this mascara, and get dozens of compliments on my lashes every time.

Urban Decay Perversion // Okay. Urban Decay always runs a little pricier than my other favorites, but it's worth it. Buy the Perversion Mascara with the Subversion Lash Primer and prepare to have more volume, length, and definition instantly. Bonus points: the primer really strengthens and improves the condition of your lashes over time.

Revlon Bold Lacquer // This stuff is seriously bold. It's a very black formula that I like to layer on top of my base coat of mascara (after letting that first coat dry). Revlon's a great go-to brand for nail polish, lip color, and mascara.

NYX Le Frou Frou // I usually start with this mascara. It's a light formula and the brush catches every single lash. If I'm going for a super-light look, I'll just use one or two coats of this and leave it at that.

Too Faced Better Than Sex // Holy cow. This stuff is an amazing final coat for any day of the week and any occasion. I love it so much—the brush is shaped kind of like an hourglass and catches every lash. I apply it very slowly and carefully so I don't end up with lots of clumps—the formula is pretty thick.

Other Faves: Maybelline Lash Stiletto, CoverGirl Full Lash Bloom, Maybelline Great Lash


What are your favorite mascaras? Also, let me know what you'd like me to review next in the comments below!

xo, Morgan