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roller_lashI picked this up over the weekend after seeing the adorable packaging on Instagram. I've always been a huge fan of Benefit, and you know I'm absolutely obsessed with They're Real. I'm a stickler for great mascara, and will try anything once if there's a chance it's my new everything. Benefit Roller Lash has a tiny, firm brush with a hook shape designed to catch every lash and curl as you go. There is absolutely no clumping—I'm so serious. You would have to try hard to get clumps with this brush. I usually do two applications of mascara—one in a lighter formula and one with a thicker, more bold formula. I explain this more here. But for the purposes of reviewing Roller Lash, I didn't use any other mascaras. I did two coats (and didn't allow the first to dry completely before applying the second), and the results were flawless. No clumps, extreme length and volume, and plenty of curl. I have lots of natural curl in my lashes (thanks, genetics!), so I usually forego curling them. You want to make sure there's some lift and curl in your lashes every day, though—that's how the light hits your eyes and you get natural sparkle!

Again, the brush is the big catch here. It finds every little lash and seriously lifts and curls. It combs through and separates at the same time—so no clumping, no matter how much product you have on the brush.

Roller Lash costs the same as They're Real! at Sephora—$24—and it's totally worth it. It doesn't take much product to get the results you want, and the fact that this could be the only mascara in your bag is a HUGE deal. Try it out! You won't regret it.

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xo, Morgan