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glossier_products Last week, the team at Glossier sent me their AMAZING phase 1 set to review. I'm so excited to share this with you guys. Glossier is an entirely girl-run business founded by the gal behind Into The Gloss, Emily Weiss. Their mission is to simplify skincare and celebrate what it is to be a girl. The products are meant to "live with you, not on you"—such a great way to inspire us to think about what we're giving our bodies.

The Phase 1 Set has it all—a buildable hydrating moisturizer, soothing rosewater face mist, perfecting skin tint, and use-anywhere skin balm. They're easily portable and have the cutest minimalist packaging. Bonus points: they send you stickers with every order, so you can decorate them how you like—I haven't gotten that far yet! Here's a little breakdown of each product.

buildable hydrating moisturizer

I use this after washing my face with cleanser and my Clarisonic. It instantly plumps and hydrates the skin, and provides the perfect canvas for your makeup—or no makeup at all. It's got all kinds of skin-soothing goodness in it and is totally buildable—so you can add more depending on how your skin is feeling or what the weather's doing. Either way, you'll be left with a dewy, glowing complexion.

soothing rosewater face mist

So you already know I'm IN LOVE with rosewater. I use it alllllll the time. I refresh my skin throughout the day with it, and actually have started wetting my beautyblender with it instead of tap water for an even better foundation application. Keep this with you AT ALL TIMES.

perfecting skin tint

THIS STUFF. It's a happy medium between bare skin and actual makeup. It matches and blends in with your skin to minimize pores, hide blemishes, and even the skin tone—in their words, to "erase any other evidence that you are, in fact, a real human being." That's basically it. They sell it in just three different shades, but somehow the super-thin, breathable formula transitions to match your individual skin tone.

use-anywhere skin balm

Holy cow. I've got approximately 8 hand salves, creams, and balms in my bag at any given time, and they have all been removed in favor of this tiny tube. I use it on my lips, cuticles, elbows—everywhere. It's heavy duty and a little goes a long way. Definitely a must-have in anyone's bag!


Long story short, you MUST give Glossier a try. I just ordered both of their masks—the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack (a detoxifying mask) and Moisturizing Moon Mask (a super-hydrating treatment that's a great follow-up to the Mega Greens mask).

Have you fallen in love with Glossier already? Let me know in the comments!

xo, Morgan

This post is in collaboration with Glossier.