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Happy Friday you wonderful people! It's been a crazy week, both here on the blog and at my day job. In my book, though, crazy's DEFINITELY a good thing. I live for days with endless to-do lists (and sometimes I make it my job to have a to-do list, even if it means writing stuff down that's ALREADY HAPPENED.

Yes. I am one of those people. The act of crossing something off gives me so much pleasure that I cheat and make sure every single thing down to "catch up on Kimmy Schmidt" is on that list. Because guess what? Everything counts. I believe your day should be a healthy mix of things that NEED TO GET DONE ASAP and things that give you immense pleasure, like bubble baths, catching up on Netflix, and reading.

Today, I'm talking about how I #GSD (I don't swear online, like, EVER. So pardon my French—how I get shit done). Meg Biram has this thing going where she empowers women to GSD and talk about it openly.

I think it's super important to recognize the realness and the nitty-gritty of life while recognizing how pretty our lives look in tiny filtered squares on the Internet. I've always been very into Instagram and having a well-curated feed, but if you saw what my apartment really looks like or how I spend most evenings (work work work with a side of Netflix), you'd understand that THE INTERNET ISN'T ALWAYS REAL. Yes, I put a lot of my personality into my Internet presence (my braaaaand!). Yes, it might appear that I always have fresh flowers and eat out practically every day. Reality: I live alone in a tiny apartment that BEGS for some other life and, well, I also just like eating out and sometimes that's the extent of date night (anything to get out for a little!).

I employ a pretty extensive routine in order to stay on task and feel awesome at the end of the day. I've always been a note-taker, so I need to have a paper planner. Recently, I purchased the Day Designer Today & To-Do. I love this because of its compact size, wonderful layout, and adorable cover. The layout allows you to write down a daily gratitude, organize your day by hour, and have a to-do list ALL ON THE SAME PAGE. It is wondrous. The larger Day Designer is something I'll probably graduate to (that has worksheets, dates, and monthly overviews), but they just came out with this and I couldn't not buy it.

In addition to my Today & To-Do, I use weekly and monthly printouts. Emily Ley and The B Bar both create some awesome printouts for just about everything—I like to use printouts for a monthly overview that's super portable (and something I can redo if I screw up), weekly planners (helpful for meals, big three tasks of each day, and meetings), and blog planners (so I can plan posts, images, hashtags, and notes for the blog each week), and whatever else tickles my fancy. They're free—use them.

I also make great use of Target's ever-evolving notebook section. I always have like 8 notebooks in rotation at a time. I'll bring my laptop and a notebook to practically every meeting and end up just using the notebook 96% of the time. If I am using my laptop only, I love using ToDoist and Evernote—both are accessible across all platforms and are amazing for reminders/to-dos and note-taking, respectively.

I know a lot of people don't get the paper movement. I wish I could operate my entire life out of my iPhone, but it's an added layer to my #GSD process. Yes, I would miss my chiro and hair appointments if they weren't in my Google Calendar connected to my iCal. But guess where those were originally recorded? MY PLANNER!

In the end, it's about trial and error and finding what works for you. This is my current almost-no-fail plan, but it's bound to change with the seasons or any transitions in my life.

Also: immense amounts of coffee, snacks, and good playlists.

How do you #GSD? Let me know in the comments!