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Happy Monday, friends! Like every other human in the entire world, I am completely obsessed with Target. I go in for one thing and completely black out in the store. I emerge into the world a changed woman—a changed woman with waaayyyy more stuff than she had before she went in.

To further fuel your Target fire, let me tell you about a few fun things I've found recently.

bella candles

So I saw someone with this candle on Instagram, and knew I needed it. Bella candles come in all different sizes and each size has a different adorable container. The sale price made me buy this large size, which has a 50 hour burn time. I bought the Island Moonlight scent, which smells exactly like Anthropologie's Volcano scent—vanilla, tropical fruits, sugared orange, and island greens. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT.

aromatherapy candles

Each one of these adorable candles has a different aromatherapy scent and gratitude theme. I bought this as a gift for Ryan, who loves beachy scents. The "Be Grateful" candle smells like cucumber, sea petals, mandarin peel, and lavender. It's divine, and the constant reminder to be grateful makes this a must-buy.

la croix sparkling water

I'm a new sparkling water convert. I drink this at work when I'm bored with normal still water and/or craving soda. I'm a huge fan of the passionfruit and lemon varieties. Also, it makes a quick and easy low-cal cocktail when you mix in vodka and lemon/lime slices. I may try to make some kind of sangria/punch in the coming weeks...thoughts?

pixi h20 skin tint

So. This stuff is like a dupe of Glossier's Perfecting Skin Tint. I have been mixing it with a little bit of my normal medium-coverage foundation and it works wonderfully for those days where you don't want to wear makeup but really should cover a few things up (you know what I'm talking about. I can't not hide my zits and redness).

olay fresh effects acne treatment

So I'm 22 and just started getting zits last year. I magically didn't have a problem with it when I was younger, and now I must be hitting puberty. Either way, I need to do something about it. This acne spot treatment from Olay has been working well and doesn't sting—a win-win in my book.

essie spring nail colors

Two things are bound to happen: I am going to go to Target, and I am going to buy Essie nail polish. If I can do both things at once, we're talking business. I picked up my favorite for spring and summer—Turquoise and Caicos—and am so excited for this week's mani.

crest 3d white luxe glam white toothpaste

I've been using whitening toothpaste basically since birth. But if you slap the word "glamorous" onto that label, I'm even more sold. Plus, Shakira uses this. I brush with this toothpaste and use the Glamorous White Mouthwash morning and night, and that's become a complete whitening routine for me—no strips or trays needed.

nyx cosmetics 

Yeah. You know I love NYX. It's professional quality, easy to use, and super inexpensive. I'm loving a hot pink lip right now and this lip liner helps the color last all day.

Also, I need you guys to do a better job of looking in the dollar section. Look at this stuff. SO CHEAP. SO CUTE. My whole desk is so springy right now. Yay.

What are your current Target obsessions?