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Happy almost-Friday! I know you're trying to get through all your work so you can party all weekend long—but really quick, I need to tell you about Whish.

Whish is an all-natural skincare line with everything from hand cream to deodorant swipes to sugar scrubs to body oil. I was sent the hair-inhibiting gel, shave cream, and body butter for my review, and I'm seriously OBSESSED.

hair inhibiting gel

Okay, so my leg hair grows back the same day I shave it. If I shave in the morning, I'll have stubble by bedtime. It's CRAZY, and I hate it. Needless to say, I was pretty skeptical that a gel would be able to slow down my hair growth. This stuff WORKS. I used it after my shower as a moisturizer for my legs (in place of lotion) and it gave me such soft skin, AND my legs were still smooth the next morning! Bonus points: you can also use this gel after a day in the sun to soothe the skin.

shave cream

My main draw to certain brands of shave cream is the scent—and the blue agave scent of this Whish shave cream is insanely luxurious. The texture is nice, too—not too thick, so you get a closer shave—and I could feel it pampering my skin as I shaved.

body butter

This is the holy grail of Whish products—the scents are all so different and decadent, and the moisture lasts long after application. The body butter doesn't leave a greasy residue, and you can feel your skin drinking in all the moisturizing goodness. I used the body butter as a hand cream and to moisturize my legs and arms before wearing a dress. My favorite scents: coconut, almond, and acai grapefruit.

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This post was in collaboration with Whish. All opinions and photographs are my own. I won’t ever feature a product I don’t genuinely love and recommend.