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Happy Monday! If you know me or have learned anything from following me on Instagram, you know that I am a coffee ADDICT. Like, give me a caffeine drip and I'll still ask for a venti iced coffee 3 pumps sweetener nonfat milk. Or something. I was a barista through high school and the beginning of college, and I will forever be a modest coffee snob. It's a blessing and a curse.

I found myself spending WAY too much money on iced coffee for the sheer convenience of picking it up on the way to work (or shopping, or anywhere). So I tried a few methods, one that kind of worked, and one that worked like a CHARM. Read on to hear my foolproof method.

So first, I tried to do the cold-brew method. This is what Caribou does to get their flawless iced coffee, and being a part-time Minnesotan, I love to support MN-grown businesses (and, I guess, their methods). To do cold-brew, you combine 1 3/4 cups ground coffee with 3 cups water and stir to combine. Let that steep overnight in the fridge. In the morning, strain the coffee from the grounds using coffee filters or paper towels. Now you have iced coffee concentrate! Combine equal parts concentrate and water to create the perfect iced coffee.

Now, really, this method didn't work too well for me. It tasted amazing, but it was crazy complicated to strain. It might have been my error, but I was going through way too many paper towels and it created quite the mess (paper towels absorb liquid, you see). So I decided that might be a method to perfect later in life, in a bigger kitchen.

My new, foolproof method is as follows:

  1. Get out your coffeepot.
  2. Put 3-4 heaping tablespoons of ground coffee in the machine.
  3. Fill the carafe with about 10 oz of water—this makes the perfect strength coffee.
  4. Brew coffee and let cool for an hour or so.
  5. Pour into your original pitcher and chill in the fridge!

Since you made the coffee super duper strong, it's ready to be diluted with ice cubes. See how that works? Alternatively, you could brew the coffee you always brew each morning and make coffee ice cubes so you still get the chilled coffee with no dilution.

I love this iced coffee with a dash of unsweetened vanilla almond milk. It's the perfect way to start the day!

What's your favorite summertime drink? Let me know in the comments!


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