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Hey there! Thanks for coming back to Sunny Side Up. I'm so excited about this new space to express myself and bring you recipes, beauty tips, advice, and the best content I can give—all with a side of sunshine. 

I had a great weekend with Ryan and a few friends. On Friday, I took him on a brewery tour of Confluence Brewery here in Des Moines. Included with the incredibly inexpensive $10 tour price, you get a beer and a glass. The glasses were really neat—they were those goblet-style ones, and were etched with the Confluence logo and a step-by-step breakdown of the brewing process, which corresponded with the tour we were on! Afterward, our guide basically gave us a tasting of all the Confluence beers and special brews (some are housed in barrels from local distilleries to give the beers unique bourbon- or whiskey-laced flavor. It was a great night and we will most certainly be back to hang out in their Taproom.

On Saturday, I spent a ton of time decluttering—I know I say that practically every other weekend, but I'm a serious hoarder and it's taking lots of steps to get rid of stuff. Like, I feel really weird getting rid of Playbills—I have them from every show I've seen since EVER. Which is a lot. We get season tickets. That's a lot of shows. But what if someday I'm famous and someone wants to, I don't know, buy all my Playbills on eBay? Totally logical. This is the mind of a hoarder. 

After all that cleaning/throwing away/putting in bags to take to Goodwill, I went to Ryan's to watch the Blackhawks play (lose). He makes the best margs of anyone I know, so I brought the cute plastic glasses (I also have some with cacti stems) and he did all the work. He also makes homemade pico, which I love to stir into avocados to make the best guac ever

Okay, so all of my Instagrams have drinks in them. Promise it's just an easy way to get Ryan involved in my pictures without really having to be in them. Promise. But really, what's a baseball game without a beer? At Principal Park, there's an Iowa Craft Beer stand with a few brews from all of the local Iowa breweries like Peace Tree, Exile, Confluence, and Madhouse. It makes the whole experience just a tiny bit cooler. The Cubs won and I got a big sunburn in inconvenient places, like my forearms and collarbone. We celebrated the win at Exile with their Exile truffle fries, buffalo chicken bites, and homemade chips. Health food!!!

All in all, an eventful weekend that really tired this homebody out. Now, back to work—and on to some great reads I found during the few hours I spent actually taking it easy this weekend:

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