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After a long day of work, I don't like to have to plan too much for dinner. This all goes back to always keeping quality ingredients on hand and knowing what you like time and time again. For me, that's delicious roasted or sautéed veggies—and potatoes in any shape or form. Enter this skillet dinner: fingerling potatoes, asparagus, and romaine, topped with rosemary and thyme.

fingerling potatoes + romaine + asparagus + onion

Fingerling potatoes are great because they cook quicker than normal potatoes and are just so adorable. Plus, no peeling or chopping necessary. I boiled these for around 4 minutes to cut down on time in the skillet, then tossed them with olive oil, sea salt, and ground pepper and set the stovetop heat on medium.

fingerling potatoes

When you're starting to get good color and crisp on the fingerlings, add in your washed, dried, and cut asparagus. It's essential that you dry the asparagus well so it doesn't wilt or burn in the pan. If you please, add in some chopped onion for added flavor—and it'll make your house smell super yummy.

As you add in more ingredients, be sure everything is nicely coated in olive oil, and salt as you go. This makes everything taste seasoned, not salty, when you're all done.

cooking veggies in skillet

At the very end of the cooking process, I tossed in some romaine. You really want to end with this so it doesn't wilt or get too soggy, but the romaine holds a ton of flavor and adds in even more good-for-you greens.

Finish off by topping everything with some rosemary and thyme, or your favorite herbs, and pour yourself a glass of a bold red blend. 

one-pan dinner: fingerling potatoes + asparagus + romaine

Happy eating!