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Two things: small kitchens actually kind of rock, and I found the holy grail of chocolate chip cookie recipes. Read on for explanations on both accounts...

the best chocolate chips cookies ever

I've lived in my turn-of-the-century apartment for about 15 months now. At first, I was shocked by how tiny the kitchen was—basically room to pivot, one solid countertop, and the fridge is in its own room. I thought cooking anything too involved was impossible, and knew I would try to get out of this place as soon as I could. 

But something changed when I hit the one-year mark. I suddenly couldn't imagine leaving this tiny, full-of-character apartment. I became determined to make it everything I wanted and needed—and I succeeded. Now, I'll cook and bake anything and everything in this itty-bitty space—read on for a once-in-a-lifetime look at this place I call home. 

how to cook in a tiny kitchen

Yes, this is the baby kitchen. I love the doorways and the white cabinets, and having a window truly changes the feel. 

sink and cabinets

Here are my biggest tips:

  1. Relentlessly edit how your small kitchen operates. If you need to rotate appliances based on season, do that. If you want to store your crockpot on top of your fridge, do that. 
  2. Do dishes as you go—this is crucial for anything requiring knives, multiple pans, little bowls of ingredients... it makes cleanup (and life) easier.
  3. KEEP YOUR KITCHEN CLEAN so you feel like going in there. Figure out your system and keep on top of upkeep so it's a joy to be in it.
stove + countertop

Isn't it cute? I've never made tea in that kettle. Whoops. 

And now... THE BEST CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES EVER, with a surprise ingredient swap.

ingredients for chocolate chip cookies

I was milling around on Pinterest, as one does, because I'm really trying to get into baking. It just hasn't happened much, and now that summer's almost over, I want to get in a groove of having an apartment that smells like a coffee shop/bakery and that just doesn't happen if there's not something in the oven. Enter: this recipe from Pinch of Yum (seriously, one of my favorite food bloggers) for the best soft chocolate chip cookies. Needless to say, I was already preheating my oven as I read the first paragraph. 

chocolate chip cookie dough

Instead of using white granulated sugar, try substituting raw cane sugar. It gives the cookies a deeper flavor, and it's less processed than granulated sugar. This recipe is truly simple, and doesn't require anything you don't probably have on hand. 

Lindsay of Pinch of Yum uses both chocolate chips and chocolate chunks—I didn't have chocolate chunks, so I used half semisweet baking chips and half dark chocolate chips. Worked out fine for me! 

chocolate chip cookies

These ginormous cookies reminded me of the delectable cookies from the coffee shop I worked in all through high school. Big, soft, and thick—and you can truly taste the butter. 

Here's the link to the recipe. For copyright issues, I cannot publish Pinch of Yum's recipe on my site. Because that wouldn't be cool! Click on over and give her recipes a try. 

What's your favorite cookie recipe? Let me know in the comments!