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you might remember from my essential reading list that i LOVE the promise of a new year. the fresh + clean feeling of a new planner, to-do lists with all-new goals, and a ton of energy post-holiday season means i always get a bit in over my head in january.


to save us all a bit of time + stress this year, i rounded up my FAVORITE productivity + organization tools!

here we go:

trello: this is seriously the holy grail of to-do lists and priority-setting. i spent an evening setting up my trello boards, lists, and cards with all the insane energy of a kindergartener opening a 64-pack of crayolas. it did take a few tries until i created a board/card/list combo that worked for me. don't be discouraged if it takes some time to get used to — but be patient and you will be SO glad you tried it! sign up for FREE here.

google docs/drive: i have always worked on highly collaborative teams — and traditional word docs (and 78 versions of each doc) just never cut it. being able to share around docs, spreadsheets, and presentations and edit all together is a non-negotiable now. plus, being able to access everything from all of your devices is the best thing ever.

evernote: evernote is another tool i’ve used since the beginning of college — seriously! it’s accessible on apps for every device OR from your computer browser! evernote is a virtual filing cabinet and you can manage separate notebooks for everything from recipes to notes to outlines. images, audio files, and videos also fit right into this mix. it’s also highly searchable (you can even search images, something i find super helpful when i add scans of notebook pages!). get a month of evernote premium for free here.

google tasks: post-it notes used to cover all of my notebooks, my planner, my computer screen, and my desk. not anymore! right in your google inbox is a sidebar just for to-do lists. you can add due dates, sub-tasks, and drag into any order you prefer — AND there’s an app that will send you push notifications if you so desire!

acuity: if you are a business owner and hate the feeling of a phone call you’re unprepared for, look no further than acuity scheduling. acuity integrates with your google calendar and allows clients and colleagues to schedule meetings and calls with you based on your availability and working hours. if it’s a client meeting that you need to bill time for, you can even charge for the block of time! bonus points for this being an easy squarespace integration.

skillshare: oh, we’re going deeper than just organization! i fell in love with skillshare in 2018 and have taken classes on everything from freelance bookkeeping to making homemade ravioli to advanced SEO tactics. get two months of skillshare for FREE here!

headspace: i first downloaded headspace because i have trouble falling asleep while traveling. the “falling asleep” and “fall back asleep” meditations were so effective, i started to try their other tracks, too. the founder of headspace is a former buddhist monk, but i honestly find the programs on the app to be informal and approachable for someone who isn’t at all familiar with meditation (even guided).

audible: if you’re anything like me, you are running around town like a madwoman and juggling 948 things at any given time. you love multi-tasking but unfortunately reading isn’t something you can multi-task! i started using audible when i was driving 4-10 hours per day for various work trips and have now listened to SO many thrillers, self-improvement/business books, and all of the harry potters. no shame!

squarespace apps: oh, yeah — my websites are all built on squarespace! even though my husband is a coding-expert nerd, i didn’t want to have to run to him every time i had an issue with my site (and anything beyond basic html and css makes me melt down in <5 seconds). i ADORE squarespace’s 24/7 customer service and their two mobile apps that make my life insanely easier. they have a blog app, where i can write up a post, tag it, and publish or schedule it in a really smooth way. and then there’s the analytics app, where i can view my stats and traffic for both the blog and my business site. there couldn’t be a better setup and it makes everything just WORK.

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