how did you get started blogging?
i studied magazine journalism, design, and english in college, so I've always loved writing and being visual. giving sound advice is something i pride myself on, whether it's a recipe, good book, or new shampoo. combining these with photography and developing a personal brand/online voice seemed natural. i got started in january 2015.

where else can i find you on the internet?
find me on instagram, twitter, facebook, pinterest, and linkedin.

what is your day job?
i work as the director of marketing for egr international, a marketing and employee/consumer engagement agency based in new york city.

what do you shoot with?
i shoot everything with my iphone x and edit in VSCOcam. 

what do you do outside of work?
when i'm not working, you'll find me practicing yoga, taking spin classes, trying a new recipe, reading, hiking with my husband and dogs, drinking a big glass of wine on a patio, or traveling.

do you buy everything you feature on the blog or is it gifted to you?
a bit of both. i do write a lot about products i spent my own money on, because this is an honest, advice-oriented space and i want to share ALL THE GOOD THINGS with you. if a product has been sent for my consideration or gifted to me, you'll see that information at the bottom of that post.